Vignesh Muthukumaran

  • I am a Senior Software Engineer for Oracle in Chennai, India.

  • I was a Software Engineer Trainee for Infosys at Mysore, India.

  • I have since worked at Bangalore, Mumbai, Dubai and Chennai for various clients in the BFSI sector for Infosys as a Software Engineer/ Senior Software Engineer.

  • I love to watch anime and have run through most of the popular ones. Top picks for me would be Death Note, Code Geass and Haikyuu.

  • I enjoy reading leisurely. I read a lot of science fiction, fantasy and historical fiction. I also do love some self help and non fiction.

  • I am fascinated with music and I am a novice pianist.

  • I aspire to learn a few languages in my life time. Currently fluent in Tamil and English. Dabbling in Japanese and Spanish.

  • I like to play Chess in my free time and try to solve few chess puzzles daily.