Azure Cloud Basics

Azure Cloud Basics

We will look at few key cloud terminologies that you would need to know.

Virtual Machines

  • Windows or Linux OS
  • Can be remotely accessed via RDP or SSH
  • Can be created quickly, less than 10 mins
  • Can install anything on it
  • Placed in a virtual network

Virtual machines are one of the foundational building blocks of cloud computing. Some virtual machine abstractions; i.e. services built on top of virtual machines; are,

  • Azure Batch
  • Virtual Machine Sets
  • Azure Kubernetes Service(AKS)
  • Service Fabric

App Service

  • Web Apps or container apps
  • Fully managed servers, no remote access
  • Lots of benefits in scaling, CI, deployment slots, integration with VS Code
  • Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, etc


  • Create storage accounts upto 5 PB
  • Blobs, Queues, tables, files
  • Various levels of replication - global, local
  • Different storage tiers - hot, co0l, archive

Data Services

  • Azure SQL DB
  • Azure SQL Managed Instance
  • SQL Server on VM
  • Synapse Analytics(SQL Data Warehouse)


  • Cosmos DB
  • Azure DB for MySQL, MariaDB, PostgresSQL
  • Azure Cache for Redis


  • Service Fabric
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Logic Apps
  • AKS(Azure Kubernetes Services)