My Hugo Blog Setup

When I wanted to start a page of my own, I wanted something that is easy to maintain, easy to setup and loads quickly. This lead me to static site generators.

Rather than going for a full CMS(Content Management System) with a DB, server serving up some dynamic content, etc, I wanted something that just serves my blogs. I finalized Hugo as my static site generator which is based on Go. A Static Site Generator basically takes markdown and converts them into markup.

This site uses Hugo and the Coder theme. The theme is quite simplistic and serves my purpose well. For hosting, I went with Gitlab Pages which is quite good for serving static content. Also, the hugo build and deploy part happens using Gitlab CI/CD. So, when I check in a blog post, it triggers the hugo build which builds the static assets and serves it to the users who visit the website.

Other than that, this site uses Let’s Encrypt for SSL and Cloudfare DNS for DNS.