What is Jenkins?

What is Jenkins?

Jenkins is a open source CI/CD tool written in Java. Its an automation software to build and deliver software projects. A major benifit is it has a lot of plugins, open source, free and popular.

What is CI/CD?

Continous Integration(CI) is a practice of merging multiple developer working copies to a shared machine several times a day.

Continous Delivery(CD) is a software engineering approach by which teams can deliver software in short cycles, ensuring that they can be reliabily released any time

In practice

Verify and Publish work by triggering automated builds and tests.

  • For every commit or atleast once a day.
  • All developers push the code to a version control, which should then be built and tested - which will be done with Jenkins.
  • Jenkins doesn’t merge code or resolve any conflicts, these are still left to the developers.


  • Provides a quick feedback loop for the developer to fix build errors.
  • Jenkins can publish every build of the application

CI/CD within SDLC

CI/CD within SDLC

Jenkins alternatives

  • GitHub Actions
  • GitLab
  • AWS CodePipeLine
  • JetBrains TeamCity
  • Spinnaker